Art Mulcahy & Roadside Flare

Country singer. Songwriter. Guitarist. Art Mulcahy grew up in Key West, Florida, and began singing as a child. At age 12, his father gave him his first guitar, which became his first love. While finding his home in Sacramento, he joined a band, that played around Northern California. He continued to play guitar and sing harmony for various bands in the area. After graduating with a degree in guitar, he pursued a career in country music as a solo artist.

His songs are influenced by all varieties of country, R & B, and a touch of reggae. Riveted in his experiences, Art writes with raw emotion. He is truthful, and unfiltered. Music is the outlet for which he finds his center and brings all avenues of his personality together. If you don’t know Art, you can listen to his music and know about all of his experiences. Art spent 7 years as a United States Marine. He knows what it is like to hurt, bleed, and work hard.

Art is a father, a husband, a soldier. He is a musician, and the guy next door. He will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel like the most important person in the room.



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