Big Sexy Brewing

Mark S. Taylor (a.k.a. Big Sexy)

Mark S. Tayor, Co-Owner/ Director of Brewing and Production

Nine years ago Mark received a homebrew kit for Christmas. He never opened the package but the concept of making beer for personal consumption sparked his curiosity. A few months later Mark found himself wandering around in a local homebrew store and within 45 minutes of the visit he was armed with enough equipment and knowledge to make his first batch of beer. Although he admits the beer wasn’t the best tasting he had ever had it launched him into his new passion. During the last eight years, he has been perfecting his craft beer recipes and techniques not only hands on but by studying and seeking guidance from local master brewers. He designed and manufactured his first brewhouse with a capacity output of 1/2 Barrel (15.5 gallons) although the system was small in nature it wasn’t ordinary. It was a sophisticated and highly efficient system using a variety of stainless tanks, high pressure pumps and electronic temperature controls all within the confines of his garage. He used this small system as a testing ground for not only for what will soon become award winning craft brew recipes but a training ground on brewery operations. In January of 2013 with the help of a manufacturer in Santa Rosa, California Mark designed his first commercial sized brewhouse. The new system’s capacity rose to 10 Barrels (331 gallons). With a few adjustments, he was able to replicate the same flavors and consistencies as he did with the smaller system. With this experience his confidence has grown and he can’t wait to share his recipes with the world.

Business Operations

James R. Thompson

James R. Thompson, Co-Owner/ Director of Sales and Marketing

Not only does James bring a love for all things craft beer he also has over twenty years of high production business management and sales expertise. Over the last three years James has studied the craft beer market and gained valuable insight from multiple industry leaders. He is positioned to launch Big Sexy Brewing into a household name.

5861 88th St, # 800
Sacramento, California


Each one of Big Sexy Brewing’s handcrafted beers have been through multiple stages of development to ensure the highest quality and premium taste. We support local growers and only select the freshest ingredients.

Don’t be fooled by Ricky’s dark carmel color. Sticky Ricky was originally named Tricky Ricky due the dark carmel colors but light in body mouth feel. Our Brew Master wanted to surprise people when they tried it. Smooth? Yes! Heavy? No! Bursting with flavors of vanilla, coffee and coco. Sticky Ricky is one of our smoothest beers  5.9% ABV




Blonde, Beautiful and Sexy! Late Nite Blonde is a light bodied Kolsh style ale that will delight even the most descerning taste buds. Be careful with this one she will knock your socks off with an astounding 9% ABV

Sexi Mexi Mexican Lager


Yep we said it.. Sexy Mexi. This mexican lager is a smooth craft beer that delivers amazing flavors but is light enough to enjoy on a hot summer day. 6.3% ABV


Hopy-Go-Lucky is Big Sexy’s flagship India Pale Ale.. This beer is bursting with hop flavors and has a secret ingredient to keep fans guessing where the smooth finish comes from. 8.6% ABV

Dr. Taylor’s Imperial

Dr. Taylor’s Imperial is Big Sexy Brewing’s version of the Imperial Red/ Double IPA and was named in honor of the Northern California craft beer movement. This Imperial IPA will take your taste buds to the atmosphere and back. 8.5% ABV

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