Roseville Brewing Company

We are a beer production facility with a tap room. You can purchase beer by the pint or take a growler home. Also, coming soon you will be able to pick up a keg for special occasions.


Blackberry Wheat- Alight and refreshing blackberry twist for our Wheat Beer fans

Armstrong Amber- Smooth Caramel Malt Flavor that is great all year. Goes great with most food but we suggest pairing with BBQ

Orange Chocolate- Deep rich dark Malt Flavors with a hint of Orange Zest to smooth it out

Heavy Rail Pale Ale- Very smooth medium Malt Flavor with a hint of hops. Goes great with all foods, best with hamburgersĀ or steaks

Spike Driver- Hop loversĀ get ready, this wonderful beer is jam packed with four varieties of hops and a lot of them

Apricot Wheat- Light session beer with a perfect balance of Wheat and Apricot

501 Derek Pl, Roseville, California 95678

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
916-783-BEER (2337)

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