Some Fear None is a “Rock/Hard Rock” Band from Sacramento, Ca. After joining up in 2010, Chuck, Jason, Nathan & Gina have come together with all original material and an


inspiration to create a sound that is most described as unique yet familiar. “SFN’s music is a product of listening to and being influenced by rock era’s that span three to four decades”, says front man Giguiere. “If you keep an open mind, allow yourself to be influenced but then find your own expression then what you get will be yours regardless of how they try and classify you

Some Fear None truly has a rock sound of their own, mixing Grunge with Metal and Alternative with Hard Rock, they are a must see!

A 2015 Sammie Award Winner for ‘Most Outstanding Hard Rock band’.

Named ‘Most liked Rock band’ for 2013 by Sacramento’s Rock station KRXQ 98 Rock.

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